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Your body needs a wide range of macronutrients and micronutrients to function. If you're struggling to get the right micronutrients - also known as vitamins and minerals - into your diet, you may benefit from nutritional supplements. Dr. John D'Onofrio consults with clients to help them find out more about their nutritional deficiencies through DNA testing.

After your DNA test, Dr. D'Onofrio will send your swab to an off-site lab for analysis. The results will help him determine which nutrients you're struggling to get in your diet so he can prescribe the right supplements for you.

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Why should you visit a
nutritional consultant?

Understanding the ins and outs of nutrition can be challenging, which is why many individuals choose to seek help from a professional. Clients often visit a nutritional consultant when they're...

  • Dealing with digestive problems
  • Struggling to lose weight effectively
  • Suffering from constant fatigue
  • Trying to manage your diabetes
  • Experiencing growing anxieties
By working with Dr. D'Onofrio, you'll finally have answers that can help you regulate your nutrition properly. Schedule a free consultation with him today by calling 501-358-4894.

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